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Now every forecast is saying showers or rain on Saturday. Decision will be made Saturday morning and posted here by 7:30 a.m.

So far every ride I've listed since late November has been cancelled because of weather...give me a break!

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GOD (not verified)
A break?!

You become President of a bicycle club and you think that you can sway ME?! HA, HA, HAAAAA!


Perhaps if you do some good works...

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Michael S (not verified)
Chris Cimino says....

We should have a dry morning. Enough time to shoot out to Piermont etc and back

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Carol (not verified)
Here's the Plan

Since most weather forecasts say some kind of rain by mid-day, there's still a window to get the ride in. So here's the deal:

1. The ride leaves at 9:30 sharp. I'll be at the boathouse by 9:15 to sign folks in. Anyone not signed in and ready to go at 9:30 isn't on the ride.

2. Change of destination. We go to Piermont - slightly shorter mileage and shorter stop (deli or coffee shop, not diner).

3. No cue sheet - I'm makin' it up as we go, but who doesn't know six different routes to Piermont.

4. We'll probably get damp by the end of the ride, so if you're afraid of a little weather, stay home. No complainers allowed.

5. I'll happily let other people take some pulls (just stick to the advertised pace). It's going to be humid enough to affect my asthma, so any help will be appreciated.

See you before 9:30.

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don montalvo (not verified)
see ya at's hoping for a flat way back...

...hoping and praying...


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don montalvo (not verified)
fun ride today...

"...if it weren't for the HILLS i'd say i had the time of my life! :) it rained a bit near the end but only during the last 10 miles or so and it wasn't bad. took the ""a"" train back from the gwb.

(thanks for waiting me at the top of church while i traversed my way up)

big d"

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Carol (not verified)

Well, it certainly was improvisational, but we found a terrific bagel shop in Norwood (have to find a better way to get across Knickerbocker, though). The rain didn't get really bad 'til near the bridge, by which time all thoughts of a 16 pace had gone out the window - we were just hightailin' it. But it's great to be able to do a ride in February without freezing one's tootsies.

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af (not verified)
Carol, thanks for persisting and getting us out today.

You managed to get a nice group on the road and things worked out pretty well, all things considered. (It even stopped raining for those of us going home down Riverside Drive.)

Knew about that bagel shop from a previous visit with Scott W. They have an unusually nice variety. Keep it in mind for future reference (as an alternative to the nearby Northvale diner).

Even with the rain at the end, it was sure a lot better out there than last year.

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GOD (not verified)
Mortal woman

Oh, ye, of little faith!

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don montalvo (not verified)

"""af"" wrote:

> (It even stopped raining for those of us going home
> down Riverside Drive.)

""GOD"" later wrote:

> Mortal woman...Oh, ye, of little faith!

as cartman would incredibly ironic! did GOD know carol hopped on the train before he stopped the rain for those who decided to keep riding? :-)


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