Leader wanted for 2/5/06 hogwich ride

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is there anybody out there willing to take the reigns for this sunday's hogwich ride? i promised to be present for another engagement and forgot that i listed a ride in february. i don't have private e-mails for the regulars, so this is an open call (plea) for somebody to step up. maybe julia, donald, mordicai or rich? i know any of you guys can do this in your sleep and you really don't need a leader, but since the ride is officially listed i thought there should be an official leader. and you don't even have to yell at anybody like i do!

btw, please don't get pissed off if you end up seeing me somewhere on the road. my previous engagement is actually a ride.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)

"Todd, I'd be glad to lead in your absence. I'll post a message on Friday as to what the route will probably be depending on the forecast, but being an unofficial leader, I'll leave it up to the group to decide.

The method we used on Sunday for rotating the double paceline worked very smoothly. Left paceline rotates forwards; upon reaching the front, the rider pulls off in front of the right paceline, which rotates backwards. When a rider reaches the back of the right paceline, he or she moves to the back of the left paceline. It's much better than each person in front pulling off to their respective side, so that there are three or four abreast. (Here are two sites with illustrations of a circular double paceline:



I'm sure this is elementary to many riders, but I rarely ride in double rotating pacelines, so it's fairly new to me.)

This appears to be the last Hogwich ride of the year. It's been a great series, Todd. Thanks so much for leading every week!"

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todd (not verified)
you're awsome (nm)
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Donald (not verified)

Now I don't feel so bad...
Julia and I won't be making the final Hogwich ride either. Our superbowl plans are in NJ, so the timing doesn't work out.

Thanks for leading us through the last couple months Todd. I've really enjoyed the company, routes, and motivation. Hopefully we'll see you out there.


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