Bike saddles

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Here's the next generation in saddles. No more worries about impotence.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
No nachos? No beer?

Ack, ptooie.

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ben (not verified)
love this quote:

"From the site: ""Pamper your butt with padded 'lawn chair like' comfort!""

Oooh padded lawn chairs! I can think of nothing more comfortable than those."

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Postal (not verified)

From the site -

FACT: 90% of bicycles sold today come standard with a 'tapered' seat post
shaft for use with RealSeatTM. As a general rule, 'pillar' style seat
post shafts are typically found on high end bicycles
like Cannondale, Trek, Giant, Fuji, etc.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
Dan Henry

Years ago, Dan Henry, (the guy who popularized painting route markers on the road), invented a similar seat.

He took a Handlebar stem and adapted it to fit in place of the seatpost, put in a set ot road bars, (upside down), and stretched lawn chair webbing between the bar ends, forming a sling to sit on.

The finished product looked quite similar.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Dan Henry

"Bill, I thought of Dan Henry too! I remember seeing pictures of his hammock seat in an old Bicycling (or rather Bicycling!) magazine. He was also a recumbent pioneer back in the late '60's.

Is there anyone who has been with the club long enough to have known him? He ""organized events for the New York Cycle Club, the International Bicycle Touring Society and many, many others.""


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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

I knew Dan Henry. I once saw him get undressed while riding rollers. Amazing feat.

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Ray (not verified)
acute erectile dysfunction?

"Wow, they certainly know how to talk to guys!

""numerous stories concerning the detrimental consequences of bicycle saddles""
""If a bicyclist [..] is equipped with [our seat], they in theory, should be amongst the most virile of specimens""
""Give rise to more than your arms after your ride, get a RealSeat""

Seriously now... it's nice to see new concepts and all, but they have GOT to be kidding about their marketing! I would prefer to see some medical studies instead of dude-talk. But perhaps I'm missing something? Perhaps 50% of the NYCC should go to a Cuban-Cigar-Men-Only place sometime and discuss the issue? :)


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