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A few weeks ago I purchased a new bike from my local metro shop. I got a great deal and was so excited about it that i didn't do a good job negotiating the whole deal. I wanted a few changes specifically, switching out the rear cassette to a 12-25. The shop agreed to do the work at no cost, after I had ridden the bike about 30 miles. I picked up the bike last week, so eager to get a ride in on the 50 degree day, that I didn't do a good checkout. After the ride, I noticed that they had subbed out muy ultegra 6600 with a no-name cassette.

The ride was fine and I didn't notice any specific problems. While we never spcified the details, I assumed the switch would be for an equivalent quality product. Am I wrong here? I feel bad about getting the first swith after putting on miles, and now asking for the same thing again. Yet I feel still I was ripped off. Is this worth going back to the shop over, or should I just walk away?

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Go back, get it right...

Go back to the shop with the bike and let them know that you noticed that they swapped out the Ultegra cassette for a different brand. Give them a chance to respond. They may not have had an ultegra cassette on hand and wanted to get you on the road. Swapping out a cassette is easy(but you need special tools) and takes me about 4 minutes.

Insist on a solution that you think is fair: a new Ultegra 12-25

Your repeat business should be worth much more to them than the $30 differential.


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Neile (not verified)

If it works fine, I'd leave it alone but ask for the difference in price.


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
You didn't need a whole new cassette, just c. two cogs. nm (nm)
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john grandits (not verified)
take it back and get the ultegra......even if costs you a few $$
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Dave (not verified)

The shop knew exactly what they were doing and stole from you. It happens all the time in many different trades. When you asked for the trade, you implied that you wanted the same cassette - they gave you one that cost a fraction of the real cost. Could it have been a mistake - maybe but this is what they do for a living - pretty careless if it was.

You might say that its only $25 but if the shop does it 1,000 times during the year - its pure profit to them.

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Hector (not verified)
You should get the Ultegra .

You may have done a bad job informing them that you wanted an Ultegra 12-25 but apparently you just assumed that's what you were getting since the bike came stock with an Ultegra cassette. For that reason, I don't think you did anything wrong. However, it was the shop who should have made it clear to you that if you wanted to swap for a 12-25 then you would be getting a different brand cassette. They didn't do that and, therefore, imo, intentionally misled you by pulling the switch. I would take it back and tell them that they are obligated to replace it with an Ultegra 12-25 and you would never have agreed to a different brand had they informed you of what they were doing. Speak directly to the owner or manager. If they refuse then, at the minimum, I would ask for the original Ultegra cassette it came stock with and, of course, let them know your disappointment.

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dissapointed (not verified)

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I went back to the shop and spoke with the manager. He has agreeed to make things right.

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