Does anyone want a spare roller for their rollers?

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  • Does anyone want a spare roller for their rollers?
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I've been doing some spring cleaning, since the weather feels that way, and unearthed something of Irv's that looks like it's a spare roller for a set of rollers. Those of you who haven't been in the sport for at least 20 years won't know what I mean, so this is directed at those of you who might have rollers. I have a jpg of it, but I don't see a way to post it here, so if you want me to email it to you please email me privately.

And in the event I get no takers, does anyone have a suggestion as to where else I might donate this?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
post it at craigslist (nm)
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Maggie Clarke (not verified)
Thanks Evan...

I really thought this would be a better place to ask if anyone wanted rollers... I've put another of Irv's things on Craig's list... a 40x40 projector screen, but no nibbles. Next... I've got one of his bikes to sell.

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