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"Memorial Day Weekend - Skyline Drive, Virginia

I just booked my room at Big Meadows Lodge for this trip, arriving Friday evening and leaving Monday.

The cycling details:

Saturday, start at Big Meadow and head north to the Front Royal entrance, then back. 105 miles. My guess is this is about 13,000 vertical feet of climbing.

Sunday, start at Big Meadow and head south to Winchester entrance, then back. 105 miles. My guess is this is about 10,000 vertical feet of climbing."

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John Z (not verified)

3 booked so far...

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Tempted to join you!

John, I'm very tempted to join you for this weekend. We took a spring vacation last year in Virginia in mid-April and are thinking of making it an annual event, but pushing it back to slightly later in the year, so this might well work.

I've not a hope in hell of keeping up with you on speed this year, but should last the distance. Whether I can do both days or not remains to be seen. The plans are far from certain yet.

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John Z (not verified)
One More Confirmed


We would welcome your company. This is the type of ride I expect to break into smaller groups; anyway there are no cue sheets required and only one turn (around) so you can't get lost. One can even shave off a couple miles by turning around sooner.

I think May weather will be perfect (much better than August when I rode it last summer). My only concern, and not a big one is Memorial Weekend traffic. This is what I found, posted by a cyclist:

""Despite the overcast it was a very busy day on the Skyline Drive. Every legal parking space and usually a few illegal spaces were taken at every pullout. Traffic was heavy at times, but rarely a problem. The RVs were plentiful and sometimes I pulled over to let particularly timid drivers by, but I was never run off the road. For folks used to riding only on bike paths or roads with shoulders, the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway can seem a bit threatening. Narrow lanes, lots of hills and curves, and sometimes heavy traffic sound pretty bad, but the speed limits are low and most folks are not in a hurry, so riding conditions really aren't that bad even at heavy traffic times."""

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John Z (not verified)
Two More

Two more are considering a single day option: out and back from Big Meadow to Front Royal. After this ride, the Sunday out/back to Winchester would be like a recovery ride anyway, so the one day option is a very good idea for those time limited.

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John Z (not verified)
2/23/06 - Big Meadow is Booked Full

Two other lodging options (sans camping) are Skyline (10 miles north of Big Meadow) and Lewis Mountain Cabins (6 miles south). We can plan around this if any more are considering this classic climbfest. Book soon!

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Michael Steiner (not verified)
Big Meadow not full yet!!

Having checked online and seen everything booked, I called 1-800-778-2851 expecting that I only would get a cabin in Lewis Mountain at best. As it turns out there are still cabins in the Big Meadow Lodge!

Appearantly, the online system offers only the ordinary lodge rooms/suites, not their cabins. So I got mine and the person on the phone mentioned there would be a few others left (they do not have the greatest view but then we want to enjoy the view outside, not from the room :-)

So if you like to join, there are still some rooms in the Big Meadow Lodge but hurry up ....


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