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Some lack of clarity with renewing our membership to the club on

While this website says $2 for renewing online, and while the Active website at one point showed that $2 discount, after I paid I see we were billed for the full amount, with no discount.

Does anyone know what's the story here?

I mean, it's only $2, but I hate being told one thing, and then something else is done...

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

I had the same problem about a month ago. I contacted membership person, Barbara Spandorf, she contacted Active and I received a credit on my credit card bill. You would think this would have been ameliorated by this time.

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Barbara (not verified)
thought it had been corrected...


I thought it had been corrected as yours has been the only other such problem.


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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Barabara, as I stated in my message, it was corrected. I received a $2 credit on my credit card bill.

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Barbara (not verified)
membership renewal rates


Membership registration via is discounted by $2.

These are the rates for snail mail registration:

•$19, individual, bulletin online
•$24, individual, bulletin by mail
•$25, couple residing at the same address, bulletin online
•$30, couple residing at the same address, bulletin by mail

Here are the rates as per their website:

Receive bulletin online only Individual: $17
Receive bulletin by mail Individual: $22
Receive bulletin online only Couple: $23
Receive bulletin by mail Couple: $28

If you were charged the wrong amount simply email me at my membership email address and I will forward it on to our Active account representative who will process your refund promptly.

I hope that this is now quite clear.


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David Hallerman (not verified)

"Ah, so it's not $2 off that Active rate of ""Receive bulletin online only Couple: $23"" (our choice)?

That $23 is the discounted rate. (That hadn't been clear to me; I thought it was $2 off that rate. Plus, at one point during process, I saw $21 for that category.)

If so, if $23 is correct then, all is okay.


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af (not verified)
Active also has their own membership discount.

I seem to recall that the site also has a membership system which you can join (for a fee) and then receive (I think) $2 off for all event registrations on their site.

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