Sunday, Jan 29 - B17/65+ "Plains of White 11.1"

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Plains of White 11.1
Leader: Neile Weissman

Starts: 09:00 AM from 23rd Street & First Avenue
Ends: 4:00 PM in lower Manhattan or subway stop in the north Bronx with many chances to bail sooner.

Another in an everchanging series through the Bronx and Westchester via roads less traveled by. The ride's ""structured improv"" format dictates we maintain a cohesive group at a steady pace. As is usually the case in Westchester, expect some hills. Bring the usual, plus lunch/bail money and a Metro North bike pass.

RSVP: soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com

Serious rain, or the failure of at least three people to RSVP by Saturday night, cancels. Check the message board on Sunday morning for ride status.


1) Again, we will depart promptly and ride up to meet Jesse Brown's Temperature Regulator group in the Bronx. Last week it worked out well, allowing riders to switch between faster/slower groups for some sections of the ride.

2) Watching the weather. We'll see what's possible."

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I would like to hook up in the Bronx.
I know I screwed up last time. I PROMISE to get it right.

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Neile (not verified)
Rob, I have replied to you offline. (nm)
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Neile (not verified)

Right now, if the weather forecast stays as is, I'm poised to go at 9:00 AM and cut a fast, hilly loop that will stay close to mass transport.

Rain is supposed to start around two-ish. I think we can get in a good ride before my orange IF turns into a pumpkin. (Those who ride around in glass clipless shouldn't roll stones ... )

May NOT hook up with 5BBC if we're to maintain the faster pace.

RSVP and check back Sunday morning for ride status.

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Neile (not verified)

The ride is ... ON (with a hitch).

Problem: I just found out that I'm two salespeople short so I have to go in to work tomorrow.

Solution: Because I am not due till noon, I WILL start the ride promptly at 9:00AM and bring the group up to the Bronx to meet with Jesse Brown.

Jesse has arranged for a another leader to cover the regular B15 group -- which will free him to take over the B17 contingent.

Got it? Good. RSVP.


[I will then head over and south back down to Tekserve and help appreciate Steve Jobs' stock options. If I didnt have it better than 98% of the people in the world, I'd say life sucks ... ]

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Neile (not verified)

Figured the most interesting way (for me) to get a bunch of B17 riders up the Bronx (and myself back downtown to Manhattan) was to make the an Urban Adventure of it -- which meant back alleys, short steep hills and full suspension.

So I wound up the big spring and pushed it as best I could. Had a good group that stayed with. When I handed them over to Jesse, I told him they were whining about the *slow* pace ... so he should be sure to give them a good workout.

Hal reported the rest of the ride went well -- fast, short breaks and a latin lunch in Port Chester. As the rains came, three included Hal and Jesse bailed at Rye. The rest continued on.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)
my too scents

"Finally got to meet Neile and that was a whole lot better than the last time I waited at the wrong meeting point in the Bronx and missed the ride. Next time we WILL ride together.

The weather and group held together for the trip out and I hope my Lotto ticket I got in CT pays off.

We decided to make a quick lunch , too bad that took almost 30 minutes, so the rain drops creeped down on us.

A few bailed in Rye for the Metro. Silly me wanted more base miles so I rode on and of course the sky opened up
a bit more. Actually I got drenched in the downpour after I left the rest of the group at the Subway in the Bronx.

My 2 cents on the ride was it was a good group, good pace, quick stops perhaps one or two more than needed, but that's okay if it didn't rain I never would ever have mentioned it.

Remember pass the Leaders instruction to the BAAAACK.

Rob Marcus
"" Now working in Jamaica MAHN""


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