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Transportation Alternatives (TA) is considering requesting an injunction prohibiting NYPD from ticketing cyclists for not riding in the bike lane.

Noah ([email protected]) is looking for info on anyone ticketed for riding outside of the bike lane.

TA is also considering enjoining the City from clipping and seizing bikes they deem are abandoned property. TA is looking for info on people whose bikes have been clipped by the City.

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law ed (not verified)
Ticketing, etc

Been riding in NYC for several decades - so far so good. However, I quite puzzled as to why bikers (most behave within the rules) receive so much discouraging attention when its on of the best transportation options (eg: the recent Transport strike). which eventually acheived nothing!!! Is TA able to organize a signature campaign to PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN THE RIDICILOUSLY UNECONOMICAL MTA SYSTEM - & DEPLOY ALL ITS RESOURSES TO PROVIDING 'STRIKE FREE' 24 X 7 X 365 SURFACE TRANSPORTATION AS WELL AS ATTEND TO THE NEEDS OF BIKERS.
Thank you,
Law Ed

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ben (not verified)

"Hi Law Ed,

I'm just wondering, what makes the MTA system so ""RIDICILOUSLY UNECONOMICAL""? They're wastefull just like any government agency, but I would still argue that the benefit from employement, financing, and easy transportation is INCREDIBLY ECONOMICAL. We the people, just have to keep an eye on them so that they don't become too wasteful or corrupt. That's all.

I would encourage people NOT to sign their name to the campaign that you suggest. My hometown, Detroit, has this 'STRIKE FREE 24x7x365' tranit system. It's called buy a car or else you don't get around. Trust me, the MTA is much more economical.


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