Wednesday, 1/25 UAR Start Time and Location Change

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7:30 Start Tekserve (23 between 6 and 7).

Destination: Battle of Long Island.

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Ron (not verified)
Tekserve address

119 W 23rd street
between 6th and 7th ave

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Neile (not verified)
Chocolate iPods to fat-tire first timers. (nm)
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Neile (not verified)

"Chelsea/ Queensborough Bridge/ Ravenswood/ Long Island City/ Sunnyside/ Newton Creek/ Blissville/ Woodside/ Masbeth/ Glendale/ Ridgewood/ Bushwick/ Williamsburg

Manhattan skylines and industrial splendor. Back alleys that looked like location shots on an early De Niro flick. Mostly flat runs (including some that will make it onto my road bike cue sheets) with enough hills and headwind to give it texture. Virtually no traffic except for a few surreal miles under the Myrtle and Broadway els.

Finished up the week's ""forage and feast"" a minute from the Williamsburg Bridge with a charming mexican bistro that invited our bikes into their back room.

23 miles."

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