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- Can anyone recommend a good nutritionist or sports nutritionist in the city?..

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Katie (not verified)
she has 2 offices in NYC

Lauren Antonucci - I see her and my other half also does. She's great as she's an accomplished athlete therefore understands the balance between eating for enjoyment versus eating to fuel. She also accepts a wide variety of insurances.

In case you have never gone to a nutritionist - start keeping a very detailed food journal as soon as possible. I think it's important to fill it out as you eat opposed to once a day. I think it's more accurate - you don't forget that handful of M&M's you had etc.

I used her for weight loss my other half used her for IM fueling advice.

she's preggers so call now for an appointment. Oh and her husband gives a great bike fit too!

good luck and happy eating!

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

NYCC member Reyna Franco.

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Roscoe Geo (not verified)

i second the nomination. . .NYCC member Reyna Franco

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Reyna (not verified)

Thanks for the recommendations!
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