A cool idea

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Jersey guy (not verified)
On the other hand

First reaction, this is unbelievably great.

Second reaction, this would turn into the chaos and squirrel-rama of Bike NY, 365 days a year.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
A terrible idea

What happens when there's an accident and a pile-up? How would people get out, how would rescue workers get in?

Of all the cycling photos to choose from, they picked one that's 25 years old -look at the recreational riders in the second photo - helmets (ca 1977 Bell Biker on the right) and toeclips. Nothing like a little visual discontinuity to sell your plan of the future, LOL.

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Popeye Doyle (not verified)

Toronto. That says it all.

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rob (not verified)

what about toronto?

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