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I need to move my bike off the floor and out of reach of my infant. I've been leaning the bike against a wall in my apartment. I could use advice on how to hang it.

1) Is it OK for the bike if I hang it vertically by a single wheel from a rubber-coated ceiling hook? The wheel (Mavic Ksyrium) is sturdy. And the bike is light. But I'm worried that the wheel will deform over months. And will the frame (aluminum) be affected?

2) I've also looked at fold-out braces that grasp the top tube, so that the bike hangs horizontally. Will the top tube bend over the long term?

3) Does anyone have alternative ideas?

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)
Bike Hoist

I picked one up at Toga works great. I also have kids you can't leave a bike down for any length of time.

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JP (not verified)
I have the off the wall

"Just Google Performancebike and then search ""storage"" at the site.

I have the off the wall that goes from floor to ceiling. It telescopes and the locks and then is anchored - holds 2 bikes and a basket or 2. Solid, in wood or metal, adjustable arms. Good, becasue you can hang a bike as high or low as your room is.

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rich (not verified)
hanging a bike by the wheels

If the wheels can support your weight over thousands of miles without deforming, they can support the weight of the bike hanging upside down, no problems. I've hung lots of bikes, including tandems, this way.

The rubber coated hook is the least expensive option--but make sure you drill it into a ceiling joist, not just the plaster or drywall. The hook will pull out of soft material over time.

An alternate ceiling idea--a bike hoist. I've seen some people use them to hang lots of bikes, including a tandem (again). Works great with high ceilings.


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Old Timah (not verified)
How Many Surrealists Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Dude, your bike ain't gonna get warped from hangin' off the ceiling...

Any more than your watch will melt from Triflow fumes...

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