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just wanted to pass a message on to the group today since i took off on 9W and didn't get a chance to talk to anyone at the end. it's just my opinion, but i thought today's ride was the most cohesive, well organised group yet. everyone, for the most part, seemed to be clicking together well without many of us off the front or off the back at any given time (even on the hills).

now that i've buttered you all up, i want to apologize for taking off like i did. maybe it was the number of different groups on 9W at the same time, or the vibe i got from everyone that people wanted to do their own thing at their own pace. whatever it was, i felt like it would be okay to continue on with the group i hooked up with on 9W for the rest of the way home. i was in such a groove and didn't want to wait and figured that maybe nobody wanted me to wait for them anyway.

so anyway, i had fun today and hope to see you all again next week.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Thank you, Todd

I concur with your comments. It was a very pleasant ride today and my first Hogwich experience - I hope to do more. The very back door way to Nyack was a nice change of pace. Thanks again.

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Colleen (not verified)
second that

Yep - another great ride on a pretty day. Nothing like riding through woodsy roads on a sunny, crisp January morning. And I love those 30 second pulls. Thanks!

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john grandits (not verified)
todd, hence the nickname 'hard core' (nm)
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todd (not verified)
you had to be there (nm)
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Donald (not verified)

"No need to apologize. The ""Mutinous Four"" were prepared to abandon your leadership at lunch anyway, so there was more than just a ""vibe"" about doing our own thing.

I had a great time with that front group - right up until my treacherous tire went flat. Thanks to all who stopped or offered to.

See you next week.


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Sienna (not verified)

No apologies necessary, Todd! It just makes me want to train harder so that I'll be able to keep up with you guys on the way back. Thanks for the great ride.

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The Collie (not verified)
See you next week

and don't try any new routes!

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