Is the GW bridge getting opened on time?

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How reliable is the 6:00AM opening time lately? I was there on a saturday a little after 8:00AM a few weeks ago and the guy with the key was just showing up.

It would be genuinely useful to be able to ride across the bridge at that hour, but I hate the idea of waking up so early only to find the gate locked...with a wait of perhaps hours before it's opened.

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Rob M (not verified)
GWB Opening

I haven't been for a couple of weeks but they were open at 6:10am last time I was up there.

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esass (not verified)
Bridge Opening

Pretty good during the week, sometimes a little before 6 even.

South side opening next week I heard.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Open Mon. 23 Jan. 2006; From Transportation Alternatives

GWB South Side Path Open on Jan 23
The path on the south side of the GWB is open again
On Monday, January 23, the Port Authority plans to
re-open the fully-ramped biking and walking path on
the south side of the George Washington Bridge and
close the stair-only accessible path on the bridge's
north side. See for details.

cycling trips