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"Go to:

Read the sad story of a 14 year old who was riding his bike when run down and killed by a 23 year old driving a Navigator SUV. Read HIS site, which is linked, to learn what a cesspool he is. And read, in particular, the links, ""Recognizable patterns,"" and D.A. Richard Brown ""characteristicallly."" To learn how I define ""human cesspool,"" link on ""Web.""

The """" site is the work of Michael Smith and Charlie Komanoff, NYC's two greatest urban cycling advocates, say I. It is angry, extremely well written, and just as well organized. Their work (Right of Way) demands our support."

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Sonny (not verified)
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Can you post the story here? My top-notch, super sophisticated company internet monitoring software assumes that since ""suck"" is in the website name, I must be trying to access pornography at work.


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No go here on Safari either (nm)
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