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The last time I tried something like this it was very uncomfortable and did not fit me well. However, the Specialized Toupe appears to be a design refinement. Anyone ever ride one?

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ben (not verified)

where does one get measured? A review mentions that some specialized dealers will measure your sit bones for the proper width. Anybody know where i can do that?

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john grandits (not verified)
specialized alias

hey john, i've tried the specialized alias before and didn't like it all. it was real hard, in the wrong places. only road it for 20 miles, as i borrowed it from a friend, but was not worth trying to tweak position. i can usually tell immediately if i will like a saddle or not. if your looking for a new saddle check out the fizik gobi. i tried the arione, returned it for the gobi. after having tried many saddles i still like the SLR the best. see you on the road

don't think many shops will be offering to measure sit least for free.

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Neile (not verified)
And there I was googling custom hair replacement products ...


""The last time I tried something like this it was very uncomfortable and did not fit me well.""


OK ... now I got it. Looks like a variation of the Selle Italian Carbon SLR.

You and I have had this discussion. It seems you are on the on the search for the Holy Grail -- the magic saddle that doesn't numb, chafe or sterilize. I, OTOH, believe that many saddles will work if:

* the width properly supports your sit bones
* There's some drop in the middle to leave room for the kids

and ...

* the bike itself is properly fitted so you don't slide forward
* you discipline yourself to maintain good posture when you're tired
* you're willing to forego some speed for comfort by dropping the saddle a fraction, so your legs carry more
* Ditto by lowering the handlebar and/or going to the drops more often, so your arms carry more

FWIW, I'm 180+ and have done 7-8 hour centuries in relative comfort using simple, inexpensive, older designs.

I was having trouble with the same seats before making the adjustments.


Also, on topic:"

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sitz (not verified)
Specialized Toupe

You might want to give some shops a call that carry them - Piermont Bicycles or R & A out in Brooklyn.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Ditto John G's comments

I liked the specialized website graphics and tried the Alias too. The LBS didn't have the seat template so after doing some research I chose the medium width - 143mm.

I found the seat very hard and unforgiving on century road rides. The good news is that it has a strong resale value on ebay. I sold it after two rides.

After reading many reviews I selected to try the Koobi Enduro AU. I found it very comfortable on 100 to 140 mile rides. It may be a little heavier than some other choices but, after mile 80, who cares.

Here is the website...


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ben (not verified)
i have a toupe (saddle)

I hate to raise a dead thread, especially such an off-topic one.
But, since my first post on this thread, i ordered and have ridden a toupe. I was doing 90+ minute roller workouts. In addition to being numb from boredom, my boys were getting numb from lack of blood.

I've done the same workout twice with a specialized toupe and here's my verdict: Nice. No complaints from down below. The saddle isn't as comfortable as the one it replaced, but after 2 hours i still have full feeling in _every_ extremity. I'll take that.

I feel a little more pressure on my sit-bones, which why i say it's less comfortable. But this is just more pressure, not firmer or harder as some suggested. But the relieved pressure in some areas has to be put somewhere else, right? I'll take sit-bone pressure over nads pressure anyday!

Now if only there was something i could use to cover that balding spot on top of my head...

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Ron Torok (not verified)

Why not just wear a hat or try Rogaine?

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SHL (not verified)
Or try something like this--much cheaper
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Eshrdlu (not verified)
Ah! At last we are getting somewhere!

"Good for you, my fellow posters! Finally, the discussion has veered away from a silly topic like saddle discomfort and on to the kinds of toupes people wear on their heads, which certainly is a more suitable topic for a bicycle message board. So let me just note:

My father told me that over in Bosnia back in the 1960s there was a village of bald women. They were so poor they were forced to sell their hair to wig makers. Wigs on women were popular at the time.

Raisehellfrida the Mud Maiden told me she once thought about sellling her mustasche.

Only tryng to be helpful.

""Never change directions if you don't know where the roads lead.""
-Kropak the Coachman

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdlu"

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