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looking for some road reports for a possible ride tomorrow, even though the morning will be really cold.

anybody hit the park, the bridge and/or 9W?


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Neile (not verified)
Ditto for Westchester. Thanks. (nm)
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Robert Shay (not verified)
Stamford, CT

"As of 6pm Sunday night, snow and ice on the roadways and shoulders. I wouldn't recommend riding a bicycle up here Monday.

It snowed about 4"" but the wind blew it around so there are spots with 1"" of snow and spots with 20"" of snow.


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Carol (not verified)
Park is Icy

I went for a walk in Central Park this afternoon. While there are stretches of roadway that are clear, there are a lot of icy patches. On the East Drive right at 72nd St. the ice goes clear across the roadway. I only walked the lower loop, so I don't know what it's like north of 72nd, but probably the same all along - where the sun hits it for a period of time, it's clear, but the shadier sections have icy patches. Given how cold it's going to be tonight, I think it would still be pretty hazardous tomorrow. This afternoon there were lots of runners (and cars), but I didn't see a single cyclist.

The side streets in Manhattan are also still in pretty bad shape at the sides, so I imagine the less travelled roads in the suburbs are also hazardous. If it were just snow, I'd say get out the knobbies and go. But this is ice, so I'd be really cautious.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Hudson Bike Path from Christopher St to 115 St

I ran along the bike path 10 am - 12 pm today. There was one cyclist and one x-country skier. There were patches of black ice but most ice was in patches and frozen tracks of cars. I slid on a large ice patch around 72nd St but was able to pick my way around the nasty stuff. Ideally, waiting till the temperature is above freezing tomorrow would be safest as rain has frozen in puddles. Studded tires would be your safest option.

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Jay (not verified)
PIERMONT: there are many icy spots Monday 7:45 AM

the main sts might be dry but I would advise CAUTION--I might go out this aft--sounds better for later in the week

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