Roller racing and beer in Brooklyn—1/17/06

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The Kissena Cycling Club & Bike Works NYC present
Hop! Hop! Hop!
Roller Racing at the Brooklyn Brewery
Tuesday, January 17th 7:30pm

Check out the fastest road to nowhere. Speeds in excess of 50mph are routinely reached in thrilling head-to-head matchups on the classic Barelli Quadrulet Competition Rollers with Dial Face. Up to four racers can square off in a single heat where their silky smooth strokes will be put to the test.

Come race or spectate. Both will have ample opportunities to sample Brooklyn Brewery’s best. Whether you like your brew light or dark, Brooklyn has the taste for you.

Racing will consist of 500-meter seeding heats followed by 1k head-to-head races done in classic match-sprint-style elimination heats. USCF license mandatory, one-day licenses available on site. USCF gear restrictions will apply.

If you’ve ridden rollers before, give this a spin. If you haven’t, please try at home before attempting racing. Warmup begins 7pm.

Entry Fee $8. Prizelist: TBD.

Event: Roller Racing
When: Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
Time: Racing begins 7:30 pm
Where: Brooklyn Brewery, #1 Brewers Row, 79 North 11th St, Brooklyn NY, (718) 486-7422
Directions: Visit for directions


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bikesherpa (not verified)

thanks for this tip, it was an awesome event and one that would get the most casual rider psyched about cycling. Please be sure to post more news about great events like this.

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Michael Y (not verified)
It was indeed a blast!

The next time this happens, I highly recommend checking it out.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
It was a great time!

"Pictures here:

The leg speed of these riders was incredible. The best ones were also extremely smooth, with very little bobbing, almost no upper body movement, at 200+ rpm. The winner, Gui Nelessen, is Team Pursuit National Champion."

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