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weather looks to be cold and windy with some flurries possible, but dry. assuming we don't get tons of snow and/or ice, the ride is on for sure. with not many left in the series, i'd hate to cancel unless absolutely necessary.

last week was fun. it was very refreshing to be leading an nycc ride in which everyone took short pulls. i believe it's the best way to keep the whole group together. the only times we got strung out and broken up was when we stopped doing the short pulls. so let's do it some more, but let's aim for doing it the entire ride.

i'm not sure if we should do little tor again, maybe just my deertrack rd. route to rockland lake before dipping into nyack. let's see how cold it is.

oh, and please be ready to leave at 8:30 sharp as usual.


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hogwich guy (not verified)
more details

it's going to be really cold, windy and probably snowy tomorrow morning.

let's ride anyway!

back roads (9W to tweed and bradley) to around nyack and then turn around. NO STOPS! and please have good, heavy winter tires that aren't worn out.

if it's even colder than i think it'll be (about 23 F), i may have to call it. if you're not sure what to do and don't know if i'll be there, please call me in the morning. anytime after 7:00 is fine. i leave my house around 8:00.

todd (212-316-9430)

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Rob M (not verified)
Dist and aprox return time?


What is your aprox. distance and return time?

Leave from the boathouse?


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hogwich guy (not verified)

the ride is listed in the bulletin, but i forgot that some people don't get it.

the ride always leaves at 8:30 sharp from the jersey side of the gwb and it is listed as A18-20. this will be shorter than my usual rides, but will be your everyday, standard nyack ride, so expect it to be about 40 miles starting and ending at the jersey side of the gwb.

leaving the bridge at 8:30 and without any stops, we should be back at the bridge no later than 11:00. this is a great ride for anybody needing to get back home early (i.e. for anybody with a life).

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hogwich guy (not verified)

it would be stupid for me to lead this ride today. sorry!

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