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On the web there seems to be a plethora of free training plans for runners to achieve specific goals. I wondered if anyone has a resource for free training plans for bicyclists with specific goals in mind. It seems when I try to devise my own training plan I’m not as successful as simply following a plan designed by an expert. I know every training plan needs to be tweaked to accommodate the individual athlete’s needs but I’m not nearly at the professional level, I’m strictly looking to build up my mileage to complete a long distance series. When marathon training this past fall; I found a recipe that was laid out for me and all I needed to do is add the ingredients. I’m looking for a biking recipe a bit more detailed than simply “time in the saddle”. Maybe with weeks detailed with workouts geared towards strength and endurance mixed in with some speed-work. I’m not at the competitor level so signing up for a team to train with is not an option nor is hiring a personal coach (I wish I could afford that). But if anyone has experience with the base mileage build up for longer events your insights on how much time and at what intensity and what you did to build your speed (if anything) would be helpful.

Help is greatly appreciated.

oh and I should add that unfortunatly I can't commit fully to the Sig (I miss to many weekends with other engagements).

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Zoetemelk (not verified)
One of the most highly regarded training plans is in the book:

"""The Cyclist's Training Bible"" by Joe Friel. Many people in and outside the US seem to use his plan and methods. You will see people refer to it in message boards all over the place ""I used Friel in 2004 and my results...""

Its very very detailed. I think most people use his concepts more than follow his book to the T - unless your a Cat 2 that's probably fine.

If you buy a used copy rememeber to get the most updated version he has added a lot of training with power sections.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
"+1 for ""The Cyclist's Training Bible"" by Joe Friel"

Ditto Joop's comments.

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Matt P. (not verified)

the jan/feb issue of bicycling includes various 12-week training plans, including one for improving your performance in a century ride. while this magazine is almost invariably filled with drivel, it might be worth a look-see.

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Steve Baccarini (not verified)
I second the motion

Look no further than Joe Friels Training Bible


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Training for long rides

"Some good articles:

I'm curious, what's the series you're training for?"

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Kate (not verified)
BMB (if I make it) leading up to PBP next year (if I make it)
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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Good luck!

"I heard a rumor that BMB will be discontinued in the near future, so this year is a good time to do it.

Where are you planning on doing the brevets from? There won't be a 400 km or 600 km brevet from Princeton this year.

Here's one way to do the brevets: 1500 km in one week!

p.s. I think that Friel's book is directed more at racers than randonneurs."

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Kate (not verified)

"I figured it will be a good way to see if I pass muster before going all the way to France.

I was dissapointed that Diane left but look forward to Laurent's rides. Although the traveling this year is going to be a bear. I think the Boston series is the closest in the area....? are you going to complete the series? maybe on your fixed gear?

Terry H is going to ""do"" the series also."

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