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I have to be in Morgantown, WV on memorial day for a wedding. I am thinking about taking the week before Memorial day off and cycling to the wedding. Can anybody recommend routes? If not, how can i go about determining a safe route?
Should i skip the first part and take a train through the busy part of NJ?
Any comments/thoughts/suggestions will be appreciated.

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Leon (not verified)
my 2 c

Check if AC has any maps you can use:

Also, the websites on touring. You can start here

The only other thing I can think about is getting Cycling NJ, Cycling PA, etc. guides and compiling a route out of these.

Good luck on your trip,

P.S. If you find any good resourses on rotes etc. could you post it here?

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SHL (not verified)
wedding pedaller

Sounds like a great idea, especially if it is your wedding. Give you a few days to think about it. Maybe something could happen on the road...say, is this beginning to sound like something that could be pitched to a studio?

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