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Based on your experience, which one would you recommend to buy or not to buy? Trico Sports Iron Case, Performance Cargo Case, Thule's Round Trip 699?

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April (not verified)
bags, not boxes

The club I was in California own not boxes but bags for members to borrow. I used it many times. I was never asked nor charged the bike charges by the airlines.

The bike(s) survive well (so far). Oh yes, all my flights were direct flights and I usually check in early. That might make a difference.

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Carol (not verified)
Race Case

I love my Bike Pro Race Case. It's a soft sided rolling case (four casters) that moves very easily and can be put into the trunk or back seat of a car. It protects the bike very well - I've never had any damage to the bike. It's much easier to deal with than the ones you've named.

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Ellen (not verified)
best case

Just borrowed a Bike Pro Race Case.
What a pleasure.
Compared to it, the Trico is an unwieldy beast.
On 4 casters the Bike Pro nearly wheels itself through the airport. No problem simultaneously wheeling that, pulling a suitcase, carrying backpack.
Though dimentionally nearly as large as a Trico, it seems smaller. Maybe it's the rounded corners and soft sides.....but it fits in a taxi(an empty trunk or across the back seat). You'd need a van or wagon with a more $$$ in transit.
In my opinion it's well worth the higher cost if you're gonna use it much.

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