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Thinking about doing a bike trip in southern Cal in late Feb with this company. Anyone have any experience with them?


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Evan Marks (not verified)

Good food and plenty of it, better-than-decent inns. Unbelievably friendly and accomodating ride guides - one day on a CA wine country tour we piled the bikes on top of the van after 2nd winery and just rode in the van for the rest of the day. Can't remember how many wineries after that ...

Not an awful lot of daily mileage, if that sort of thing interests you ;^/

Caveat - it was ~12 years ago.

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Jesse (not verified)
Bicycle Adventures

Did a couple of tours with them about 10 years ago -- San Juan Islands and Bryce/Zion in Utah. Really great outfit.. friendly, good places to stay, good food, good support...vey professional and lots of fun.

Hope they havn't changed. Good Luck.

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S Handfield (not verified)
Bicycle Adventures

I took a trip with BA in August 2004 to the Canadian Rockies. I have also been on Backroads and Western Spirit bike trips. I liked BA the best for serious riding and good bang for your buck. The food was excellent and the inns were comfortable but not fancy. The guides were some of the best I have had as they spent quality time with each of us on the road and did a good job of bringing the diverse group together. The mileage may be considered low by some people (63 miles was our longest day) but hills and altitude made up for it. Out of all of the trips I have taken, BA had the most experienced riders and everyone brought their own bikes. I would take a BA trip again.

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rltrock (not verified)

I need to decide between Mallorca and So Cal in the next day or so, so this has all been very helpful. Thanks!

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April (not verified)
Jeez, such a difficult decision!

I don't know about anyone else. To me Mallorca seems to be the winner hands down!

Never mind the more exotic locale, food, culture of Mallorca. Who wants to pack and unpack every single night (California) when one can simply roll out of bed and ride a different route each day and see different culture (Mallorca)?

I've cycled a lot of California. It's beautiful in its own right. But you can get similar scenary in any other seaside routes.

At $2000+ a pop, air fair not included, it's as expensive, if not more, than going to Mallorca. I wonder what's there to decide...

Oh well, different spokes for different folks.

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