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A construction crew was on River Road today making remarkable progress in repairing the road on Alpine hill. In less than two days, they seem to have cleared all the debris from the recent landslide and rebuilt the road bed. It's not paved yet, but easily passable.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Lucky for us it was blocking access to the marina. The outcry from the boaters musta been deafening.

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Justin (not verified)
off topic

but you're not the Stephen Crowe from Northern Ireland are you ?

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Stephen Crowe (not verified)
Off-off topic

No, I'm the Stephen Crowe from Northern California. But these days a New Yorker through and through.

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kay herdeg (not verified)
River Road wash out

As of 14 Jan the washout about half mile below the police station at Alpine has been repaired with a dirt and gravel path about 20 yards in length. Wide enough for a bike.

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