Does the Club own bike Boxes?

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Herb was kind enough to reply to my 'Wanted: Bike Box to Rent' post and he thought that the club owned some boxes for rent. I have taken a look at the website and I have been unable to find any details.

Does anyone know who the relevant contact person is?


Rob M

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Cheryl (not verified)

Contact info for the bike box is/was in the bulliten.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
I have the details

If you e-mail me at the above address, I will e-mail you the contact details for the person who rents the club's bike boxes out later when I get home. I'm reluctant to put her details up on the message board as, unlike the bulletin, it is not password-protected. You will find the advert in most of the 2005 bulletins. It was certainly in the November edition and you can get past issues from this website.

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