Sunday, Jan 15 - B17/65+ "Plains of White #11"

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Plains of White #11

Starts: 9:00 AM from 23rd Street & First Avenue
Ends: 3:30 PM in lower Manhattan or subway stop in the north Bronx with many chances to bail sooner.

Another in an everchanging series through the Bronx and Westchester via roads less traveled by. The ride's ""structured improv"" format dictates we maintain a cohesive group at a steady pace. As is usually the case in Westchester, expect a fair assortment of hills. Bring the usual, plus lunch money, a Metro North bike pass and savoir fare (or as they say in the Bronx, ""subway fare"").

RSVP: Neile Weissman, soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com

Serious rain, or the failure of at least three people to RSVP by Saturday night, cancels. Check this space on Sunday morning for ride status.


1) At the risk of tearing a hole in the universe ... we will cycle up to the Bronx ... and join Jesse Brown's 5BBC Temperature Regulator ride and continue on to Port Chester.

2) Sunday's forecast has some snow early with highs in the lower 30's."

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Serge Utin (not verified)
Question re: subway transfer & time of ride

I’ll join you if the ride to Scarsdale I am planning on going gets canceled this Saturday because of rain. I have not taken the subway that far to Bronx for many years now. I’ll be coming from the East Side (4 or 5 train starting at 86th street station). What is the best place to transfer to the #2 train - 149 Street / Grand Concourse or East 180 Street/ Morris Park Avenue? The starting point is at entrance to the #2 Pelham Parkway / White Plains Road subway station. Right? Are there 2 entrances to the station (uptown and downtown) or just one? The 5BBC Club is listing their ride’s starting time at 10:00am. Is your ride staring at 10:00am also?

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Neile (not verified)
No subway

The ride starts 9:00 AM from 23rd Street & First Avenue.

We cycle up to the Bronx to meet the other ride.

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Neile (not verified)
Ride is postponed to Monday at 10:00AM


A Wind Advisory Remains In Effect From Midnight Tonight To 5 PM EST Sunday.

Winds Will Increase This Evening As Low Pressure Strengthens Just To Our East. By Midnight...Sustained Winds Should Range From 25 To 35 Mph With Gusts Up To 50 Mph. These Wind Speeds Will Continue Through Sunday. Wind Chill Values Late Tonight And Sunday Will Be In The Teens.

A Wind Advisory Is Issued When Sustained Winds Are Forecast To Be 31 To 39 Mph Or Gusts Will Range Between 46 And 57 Mph. Winds This Strong Can Make Driving Difficult...Especially For High Profile Vehicles. Use Extra Caution. Large Tree Branches Could Be Downed Which Could Result In Power Outages.


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