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The man at the door politely informed me that Annie Moore's is now enforcing a long-standing ban on bikes -- except those brought by exhibitors.

He said they had seven bikes show up, and that was too much.

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Josh (not verified)
a solution

TA and Times Up do bicycle valet parking. Maybe it's time to think about that possibility if we are set on this meeting place, since I too wanted to take my bike, have dinner, hear what's happening as a new old NYCC member, and then take an evening spin. I decided not to go when I realized I'd have to leave the bike I really wanted to use locked, unattended, outside to a pole. The last two times I did take my bike, an old beater, I was extremely nervous about it, knowing that the police now, too, are in the lock-cutting bicycle thief business (the alibi might be the bike's proximity to a high-security area, Grand Central).

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
your post made me curious...
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Neile (not verified)
Careful, Google tracks searches ...
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Roscoe Geo (not verified)

This may be a not so subtle hint that Annie Moore's no longer wants our custom.

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