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Restricted to NYCC members.

Come with a hub, spokes, rim. Go home (3-4 hrs. later) with your own perfectly built wheel. You'll have built it yourself.

This will take place in early Feb. on the Upper Eastside.

Contact me: (212) 371-4700.

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terry (not verified)
wheel building workshop

An offer is still good for a Mavic OpenPro rim. 32 hole count, w/ a Campy Chorus hub for sale. Spokes are D/T 15 gauge.$100.
Also the rear wheel I built for this last year-never ridden.Mavic OpenPro Ceramic, Campy hub. $150

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John Miller (not verified)


Speaking from a completely un-mechanically inclined perspective --

do you build a front wheel or a back one in your workshop -- is there a difference between the two?

John M.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

A front wheel is easier to build, as it has no dish (ie is symmetrical) and the spoke tension on either side is even. If it's your first wheelbuild, I would recommend building a front.

- Christian

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
As usual, Christian has it right.


I'm answering you personally in an e-note; however, for the benefit of others, what Christian wrote, below (or above?) is true. However, I leave it to the builders as to whether they choose to build a front or rear.

Rear will take a bit longer but it is a better learning experience as you will come to understand dishing and become more sensitive to spoke tensions. Oh, also selecting spoke lengths.

That said, as I said, it is up to the builder and there will be enough time for you to do a rear, if you wish.

Guarantee: you will build a perfect wheel, front or rear.

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