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I am looking to go on a fairly inexpensive bike tour out west and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

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April (not verified)

Run by ACTC, the San Jose club, the ride is hilly, could be hot as hell in the valley, ALWAYS spetacular when it gets to the coast.

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hannah (not verified)
SF Bay tour

My brother did the Go Greenbelt tour around SF Bay last year and liked it so much he's doing it again. His sister might join him if her ITB seems like it will cooperate.


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April (not verified)
warning about the Greenbelt tour

"The Greenbelt tour is indeed beautiful. (I lived in that area for several years) But it's not for the faint of heart.

- It's quite early in the season (spring).
- And it's quite hilly (basically the ""Greenbelt"" is the ridges of the mountains surrounding San Francisco Bay).
- If I remember it correctly, the daily milage is also quite long (~100 mi/day) as well!

I know of riders who would do extra milage on the S2S (Sierra 2 Sea) having to sag part of the Greenbelt ride."

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Jay (not verified)
Timberline may be more middle priced

I went on 2 of their tours and they were def. positive experiences. Fred Steinberg also seems to be a satisfied client of theirs. Pls e mail me for more details if u are interested

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Davey (not verified)
Bike Tours

Why not come to tonight's Club Meeting where Gary McGraime will be giving a presentation on - Bike Tours!!!!!!!

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Avery L. Washington (not verified)
Bicycle Tour Colorado

I can get you registered for $250 to the day of the event, add another $200 for meals and airfare. The organizers have sent me special registration forms for the NY area. It's a seven day ride, 1700 riders not too crowded. Choice of camping out or in. Check out the website at for more details or you can call me.

I will be posting a message shortly to recruit members for this ride. Five of us did it last year.


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Ed (not verified)
cycling vacations

I’ve been on 2 Cycle America Tours ( One was the first 2 weeks of a 9 week transcontinental ride. We went from the Seattle area, over a pass of the Cascades, to the East and through a very arid area of Washington State past the Grand Coulee Dam. We crossed Idaho, Montana (transversing the Continental Divide 3 times), and ending up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (about 1,000 miles in 2 weeks). It was inexpensive, maybe $600/wk., nothing fancy, tenting or sleeping in a gym, meals by local groups (Lions Clubs, PTA, Kiwanis) in HS cafeterias, etc. I am picky about food, and that could be a ‘make it or break it’ on this kind of trip, but all in all it was fine. Not a gourmet festival, but perfectly adequate. The cyclists were of a wide range and they were generally serious and passionate about cycling.

The other trip was one week around Glacier National Park, north to the same Park in Canada that is caller Waterton (the town was really nice), then back around to the US and up the famous Road to the Sun in Glacier. Same deal: food, tenting, $. Inexpensive and nice. They have a wide range of trips.

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