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Memorial ride to honor all 21 bikers who died on the city street's in 2005
Come out and ride for the fallen.

Sunday, Jan. 8th.

Meet-Up Points.

Rides will leave from 5 places:
Bronx: Brook Community Garden (138th @ Brook Ave)
Queens: College Point Entrance to Queens Botanical Garden
East Brooklyn: 300 Logan St.
South Brooklyn: 69th Street Pier

Ride Details.

1pm: Meet @ Brook Community Garden (Brook Ave @ 138th)
1:05: Ride to Eulene's Memorial (Third Ave @ E 168th)
1:20: Memorial for Eulene
1:25: Ride to Juan's Memorial (lot by Yankee Stadium)
1:35: Memorial for Juan
1:40: Ride to Queensborough Bridge
2:00: MANHATTAN PICK-UP POINT (60 St & 1st Ave...BikePath Entrance)
2:10: Meet @ Queensbridge Park (Park side of Vernon Blvd @ 41 Ave)
(Bronx timeline continues w/ QUEENS CREW)

1pm: Meet @ College Point Entrance to Queens Botanical Garden
1:05: Ride to Angel's Memorial (Intersection of Prince & Northern)
1:15: Memorial for Angel
1:20: Ride to Queensbridge Park to meet BRONX crew.
2pm: Meet BRONX crew @ Queens Bridge Park (Park side of Vernon Blvd @ 41 Ave)
215: Ride to Lisa's Memorial
2:30: Lisa's Memorial (Mcguinnes @ Kent, Greenpoint)
2:35: Ride to Williamsburg Bridge
(timeline continues w/ SOUTH BROOKLYN crew)

1pm: Meet @ Austin's House (300 Logan St)
1:05: Ride to Migel's Memorial (Atlantic @ Logan st)
1:10: Memorial for Migel
1:15: Ride to Elizabeth's Memorial (5th Ave @ Prospect Place)
2pm: Memorial for Elizabeth
(timeline continues with SOUTH BROOKLYN crew)

1pm: Meet @ 69 St Pier
1:05: Ride to Keith & Andre's Memorial (Shore Parkway)
1:10: Keith & Andre's Memorial
1:15: Ride to Chaim's Memorial (17th Ave @ 51st)
1:35: Chaim's Memorial
1:40: Ride to Elizabeth's Memorial
2pm: Memorial for Elizabeth
2:05: Ride to Brooklyn Bridge
2:15: Meet @ Manhattan side of Brooklyn Bridge (MANHATTAN PICK UP POINT)
2:20: Ride to Jen's Memorial ( Water St @ Governeur Ln)
2:25: Memorial for Jen & Jerome (if there is no SI crew)
2:30: Ride to Williamsburg Bridge
2:45: Meet @ Manhattan side of Williamsburg Bridge (MANHATTAN PICK UP PNT)
2:55: Ride to Brandie's Memorial (Houston & Allen)
3:00: Brandie's Memorial
3:05: Ride to Andrew's Memorial (Houston & Elizabeth)
3:15: Andrew's Memorial
3:20: Ride to Time's Up! Space (49 E. Houston)
3:30: Memorial for Unnamed Bikers. Placing of Ghost Bike.

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Josh (not verified)
this afternoon's ride

I plan to cycle up around noon for the 1 pm gathering in the Bronx (most of the ride up will be on the East Side Greenway up to the Willis). I'll then head down (back on the East Side Greenway)or around to Queens, via the Triboro, then Brooklyn, where we'll meet up, for the finale, at 3:30 on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg, where riders from all five boroughs will converge. It will be a nice ride, covering some distance, with a powerful message. A lot of cycle groups, too, are involved: TA, Times Up, SIBA, NY Messengers Association, 5BBC. I can meet folks in the East Village, First and 34, 59th Street and First, and 95 or 110 going uptown. We'll have a larger group, connecting with 5BBC, coming downtown.

Post where and when you'd like to meet up.

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bikesherpa (not verified)

watch out for the undercover NYPD spies...sad but a real concern...

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Josh (not verified)

All spies are welcomed. Maybe they'll learn something.

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Josh (not verified)
ghost bike ride Sunday 1/8

"ABout 100 bikers (maybe more, who's counting?) descended onto Houston Street from a five-borough simultaneous ghosting memorial with folks from Staten Island (SIBA),
TA, 5BBC, NYCC, and Times Up. A few of us started out in the Bronx with about 15 riders, did a memorial for 57-year-old Eulene Bryant, killed at 168 and 3rd Avenue, met 15 more at the 59th Street bridge, a few more in Williamsburg, where we honored Liz Byrne, gunned down by a speedy SUV at that deathtrap of a McGuinness Blvd, then into Manhattan with about 50, meeting another 50 riders coming in from Brooklyn and Staten Island. The honored cyclists, seen this way, cut across age and ethnicities:

In Brooklyn: Keith Alexender, Andre Anderson, Chaim Goldberg, Miguel Molina, Elizabeth Padilla. In Queens: Angel Quizphi. Staten Island: Jerome Allen. Manhattan: Brandie Bailey, Andrew Morgan, Jen Shao. Bronx: Eulene Bryant, Juan Rodriguez.

The convergence at Delancey and Clinton was spectacular as we all came in more or less on time from two locations in Queens, one in the Bronx, three in Brooklyn, and one in Staten Island. Check out the plaque and ghost bike at the north side of Houston near Broadway dedicated to the 8 ""unnamed"" cyclists.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Village Voice
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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
more coverage


I was there--rode Staten Island and saw Jerry Allen's 'ghost bicycle' at Lipsett & Hylan to join up with several cyclists back to Manhattan. Lots of people were at City Hall. Then some of us went to Brooklyn to bring back more people.

We went to the last 4 sites to pay respects to the fallen cyclists.

More media links:
NOTE: cut and paste links

Staten Island Advance: Bicycles Serve As Tribute To 21 Riders Killed By Cars

New York Newsday: Bicyclists Remember Riders Killed On City Streets,0,4505103....

Metro: City Pays Tribute To Fallen Riders
click “today’s paper”
click USA
go to New York, set date for Jan. 9, 2006 (09.01.2006)
click “Download”

Gotham Gazette: Memorial Bike Ride For Cycling Fatalities

New York Sun front page photo

NY Cycle News: Stranger In My Own City

Check out the “ghost bikes”
click on ""projects"" and ""photos""

Times Up! Photos:


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The obscenity in the S.I. Advance story.

"Thank you for that compilation, Alfredo.

After reading Andrea Boyarsky's piece in the Staten Island Advance, I wrote her a note. Here is part of it:

When Matthew Long, a NYC fireman who was cycling (in the far right lane) to work during the transit strike, was struck by a bus turning in front of him, the lawyer for the bus company stated Long--who remains near death--rode into the bus. That was obscene.

Your Staten Island Advance article, Jan. 9, about the memorial ride for cyclists killed riding on New York streets in 2005, mentioned ""Jerome Allen, a New Springville man who died in April when he collided with a sport utility vehicle."" That is an obscene spin on what happened. The SUV driver hit Allen.


I don't want to take up space in this thread going over the slanted response to Jerome's killing. I re-state it in my letter to Boyarsky. Anyone wanting to read it should write me for it.


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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
more coverage (pt. 2)

Epoch Times: Cyclist Advocates Call For Safer Conditions

Village Voice: Slide Show on the Memorial Ride:,bike,71610,30.html&pic=&total=14

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