Sunday 1/8 B-15 to Hartsdale: B-SIG Preview/Group Training Ride

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  • Sunday 1/8 B-15 to Hartsdale: B-SIG Preview/Group Training Ride
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we will post to the message board whether we decide to cancel or to ride.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

B15 50+/- 09:30 AM
B-15 to Hartsdale: B-SIG Preview / Group Training Ride

Leaders: Steve Chabra, [email protected], 212-677-1090; Rick Braun, [email protected], 212-477-2575; Linda Wintner, [email protected], 212-876-2798

From: Central Park Boathouse

This ride is for those thinking about joining the B SIG next spring but want more information before they sign up. (This ride is also for anyone who can't participate in the B Sig this coming Spring but is interested in learning and/or practicing good group riding techniques.) The leaders will be leading a B-17 group this coming spring and we will introduce some B SIG group riding concepts before the ride starts. During the ride, you can expect some gentle coaching and over lunch we can talk about the goals of the B SIG, the rides and the skills training the B SIG includes as well as some general principles of safe group riding. We will ride to Hartsdale or, if it's cold, ride a few miles less to Scarsdale. There are plenty of bail-outs on the way in case it turns nasty (bring your Metro North train pass and a MetroCard). Bring plenty of water and some pocket food as our only pit stop out and back has no water or snacks. By the end of the day, we will be an impressive sight, riding together in a straight line, working together to navigate the road and route.

Cancels: (1) precipitation or serious threat of precipitation or (2) wet or icy roads or (3) temperature forecast for the day that the high will be below 35 degrees (on CBS AM 880).

If in doubt, check the Message Board one hour before the start or call one of the leaders.

(Note: Rick and Linda will not have access to emails or the Message Board after 6pm on Friday.)

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Rick Braun (not verified)
looks like a go predicts high of 43 degrees and partly sunny on Sunday. predicts 44. Join us.

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Kim (not verified)

Thanks to Linda, Rick and Steve!!! The ride was perfect and so was the weather!

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steve chabra (not verified)
the ride is on (nm)
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JC (not verified)
Great Ride!

Thanks for as great ride Linda, Rick and Steve.
See you in Feb.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)
We had fun too

Great day, Great ride, Great weather.

The entire ride leader group did a superb job.

Rob Marcus

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steve chabra (not verified)
thanks guys

thanks guys. riders make the ride and you all were a great crew and fun to ride with. we will try to do this again in february.

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Rick Braun (not verified)
good work, prospective SIGees

Great job, all you newer riders who will make terrific SIGees! You sure learned fast and rode safe. Thanks to my excellent co-leaders, Linda, whose wonderful idea it was for this ride, and Steve)! Not bad, 21 riders on a Winter's day. It was a fun day. Hope that you all enjoyed it. Join us next month.

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