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i wanted to post a few things about the ride this sunday. you guys should know that this ride is not a traditional nycc ride and i may have been mistaken by listing it in the bulletin as such.

the closest thing i can compare this ride to is the weekly gimbel's ride in westchester. there is no leader, no maps and no cue sheets. everyone is expected to know what they're doing, where they're going and be completely self-sufficient. if you have a mechanical, the ride will most likely continue without you.

the pace will be fast, but i can't say how fast. it's different every year. chances are that i will get dropped at some point. the pace will be dictated by who show's up and how many show up. the weather may be questionable, so that will play into this equation.

the gist of this post is that i want people to be aware of this ride and would love some nycc'ers to come out for the challenge, but i want to make it clear that it is a traditional bike ride that happens every new year's day and not an nycc ride. none of the usual nycc rules and etiquette exist.

i'm sorry if i confused anyone or mislead anyone with my nycc ride listing. if this ride isn't for you, please join me for my usual hogwich ride next sunday.


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

There will be a new high card in the deck this year.

Good luck, Hogwich Guy.

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todd brilliant (not verified)
i blew it off

for some inexplicable reason i was overcome this morning with common sense and decided to not do the ride. although when i went out later with the spousal unit, i found 3 hoglettes on the road who had met up with the ride.

bully for them! as for me, i'm officially a wuss.

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Donald (not verified)
A wuss? Not at all...

you made it out in the slop, just in the sunshine. Julia and I only hung on till the rollers in Nyack, but finished with just a touch over 80. Something we couldn't have done without the Hogwich rides, so thanks. See you next week.

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todd (not verified)
ride report

i'm glad you made it out there, but i'm still sad i missed the fun. for anybody interested in reading about the ride:

if this doesn't work work go to:

and click on the link for the story about the ride. you also get to see pictures!

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