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On December 17-20, fellow NYCC members and A-Sig graduates, Marci Silverman, Faye Rasch and I (Cheryl Shiber), rode approx. 250 miles along the gorgeous coastline of southern California. The ride was fantastic!!

Thanks to NYCC for helping me to develop the confidence and cycling skills to attempt such an adventure, and for providing the opportunity for me to meet like-minded adventurers like Marci and Faye.

Peace and happiness in the new year!

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Go north, young (wo-)man

Had you ridden that same mileage north from SB you would have gone through the Big Sur which is infinitely more gorgeous cycling--arguably the most gorgeous in the U.S.--and with a helluva lot less traffic. That you survived the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) from Malibu into LA is a testament to your steel-like nerves.

But, of course, you want to do that ride going south in order to have the ocean on your side of the road so you don't have to experience it across the road and through the cars.

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Marci (not verified)
Been there...

I've actually ridden the same mileage (more I'd guess) north of Santa Barbara -- starting in San Jose and doing farmland, vinyards, coast and of course, Big Sur. Fabulous. But this was pretty spectacular too, and the waves were at an almost never seen high of 20 feet according to the locals.

After Cheryl left, I did a few more rides, partially inland, around the beach towns of LA and into Palis Verdes... what spectacular estates, and views. Some nice climbs, too.

As for the SIG, barely made it through A-19, can't take any more credit than that. Faye never had the chance, and now she's out in Cali. Cheryl could have made it through the A-SIG, though ;-)

If you're reading this -- hope to see you New Year's Day. City Hall, 11:00! Jack (former A-SIG leader) has already emailed me he's looking forward to the swim.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
California coastline ruminations

"Not to niggle with your compass or sense of geography, but if you rode north from San José, you didn't see the Big Sur on that ride. The Big Sur is south of San José.

And, definitely yes! as to the coastline around Palos Verde. In fact, as I recall a ride from 120 mi. north of San Francisco to Tijuana, nowhere along the coast except for the Palos Verde peninsula did the road rise any distance above the ocean once you came back onto the water past Vandenberg Air Force base and Goleta except for a stretch around Torrey Pines heading for LaJolla--but, then you can't see the ocean from that stretch of the road.

However, the various canyons in LA proper, and, even more, the roads leading off them, make for sensational hill riding: Coldwater, Laurel, Benedict, Nichols, etc. My most recent discovery, alas, by car, is a stretch that is surely the most challenging—the roads off of Beachwood—which is precisely where the Hollywood sign is. Caution: these roads are steep, narrow, with sharp turns, and poor sight lines. But they are every bit as exciting as the hills above the Nice area. Back to LA, you certainly want to ride along the crest of the Hollywood Hills, i.e. Mulholland Dr.

Not having a Photo ID when I otherwise would have been permitted to ride through Camp Pendelton (c. San Clemente to Oceanside, or thereabouts, which is, what? 20 miles?), I was obliged to ride on the shoulder of Hgwy 5. And flatted. Not a good place to change a flat with cars hurtling by you at 70MPH, scant feet from you.

Last observation: My first time doing this ride I was still new to cycling and filled with all the lore attendant to it. Specifically, in this case, the need to wear smooth, tight cycling shorts so as to not chafe and abrade your inner thighs and to make pedaling easier. So there I am, riding down the bike path that splits the wide, wide beach in Santa Monica/Huntington Beach/Redondo Beach/Manhattan Beach--my vow was to keep as close as I could to the water for the 500+ miles--riding in the wake of (or, perhaps I should say ""behind"") gorgeous beach bunnies on their balloon-tired, beach bikes...wearing thongs/G-strings. They didn't appear to be abrading and chafing their inner thighs.

I rue to report I didn't abrade or chafe their inner thighs, either."

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