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"I know it's been a while since I've seen many of you on the road -- what better way to start the new year than catching up with friends old and new! We're looking forward to a record crowd for Sunday's Polar Bear Ride. Thanks, again, to Alfredo who will be leading a slower group -- so as usual, riders of all levels are welcome.

In case you don't know what you're missing, click here for a photo story from last year's ride: http://www.nycc.org/photos/05_polarbears

25-30 miles, 11:00 AM (sleep in!)
3nd Annual Coney Island Polar Bears All-Class Ride

Leaders: Marci Silverman, [email protected], 646-408-4565; Peter ""Banana Guy"" Kouletsis, [email protected], 917-854-1181, Alfredo Garcia, [email protected], 646-312-1677

From: City Hall (optional start at Prospect Park, call leader if you plan to join us there)

Happy New Year! Previous rides were such a success it's become an annual event. Join us on the first ride of the new year... We're going to the beach (Coney Island,that is) to see Polar Bears!

The Polar Bears Swim Club will be meeting on the beach at Stillwell Ave at 1:00pm for their annual New Year's Swim party. We'll watch them make a splash, followed by lunch at Nathan's, Totonno's, or some other place. Bring towel and swimsuit if so inclined. Sunblock probably not necessary, although you never know -- last year we could have used it.

Several members took the plunge to ring in 2005 -- this year, we're expecting more! At Alfredo's suggestion, triathlon option may be available.

Required: helmet, bike, spares, water, food, human warmth. Cancels: temps below 20° at 10 am (NY1). Plentiful bail-outs via Metro Card. Check message board to confirm time or if in doubt.


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Banana Guy (not verified)
Polar Bear Ride

Accu-Weather says it's going to be in the 40's sunday.
Marci says she's going in if more riders show up than last year....even if it's snowing.
And my hand is out of it's cast, but I am undecided regarding the swim.

Bring your towel!

Don't miss it!

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Meeting point - Manhattan

In case you have heard about the Mayor's Inauguration Ceremony on Sunday, there will be no issue with our meeting at the Northeast corner of City Hall, by the corner of Chambers and Centre St.

Swimsuits Requested, but Optional.

Don't Miss It!

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Marci (not verified)
We plan to ride...

As if there would be any question.

Happy New Year!!

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Great fun today. Thanks Marci and Pete for leading a wonderful ride. And thanks to Tony and family for hosting a fabulous post polar bear feast.

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steve chabra (not verified)
thanks guys

thanks marci, peter and tony and family for a great new year's day ride, incredible feast and tour of the dyker height holiday light show ... i rode all of 25 miles for the day but fear i gained as much in pounds at dinner. thanks for a really fun day, guys!

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Rick Braun (not verified)

Thanks to Alfredo, Marci, Peter, and Tony! Great day, companionship, and food (that party was wonderful of you, Tony and your family).

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Peter "Banana Guy" Kouletsis (not verified)
The Countdown Begins!! Only 362 days to go!

Join us, Monday, January 1, 2007, for the 4th annual Coney Island Polar Bears Ride!
+/- 25 miles
All-Class (and all classy!)
Meet at City Hall (Center St south of Chambers)
Leaves City Hall at 11:00 am SHARP.
Will meet with additional riders at Prospect Park, by request (call leaders to arrange).
Many MTA bail-outs.
Bring: Helmet, Warm Disposition, Bike, Spares, Sunblock.
...and don't forget your towel.

Don't Miss It!!!

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