Why is Jeff Vogel missing from the Ride Leaders count?

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The Home Page lists those who've lead rides this past year and their number. I'm surprised to learn according to this count, when I thought I pretty much did what I did last year, to find it was less than half that number (presumably excluding rides listed on the message board but not in the published listings). But am I wrong in thinking Jeff lead at least one ride this past year? Apparently I am, at least according to whomever is the Official NYCC Ride Collater.

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JP (not verified)

"I think, I believe, that the Wednesday rides that Jeff headed are/were not actually NYCC rides. They are simply ... Wednesday rides and their former listing by NYCC was an anomoly. If you recall, the former listing for the Wed rides stated ""no silly requirements."" Read, no helmets, etc., which contradicts NYCC policy. So, there are no more listings but the rides continue. I did one a few months ago. I was at the GWB and riders showed up because ""It's Wednesday.""

If what I said is true, El Jefe is not an NYCC ride leader because there is no NYCC sanctioned ride. That and $2.00 ($2.50 soon??) will get you on the subway.

And hey, maybe there are not enough water bottles for everyone. :-P"

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high tech sharks (not verified)
ride listings

The policy changed during the year. In that case, Jeff should get credit for the rides he listed before the policy change.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Or not...

"As I recall, Jeff Vogel decided - once the new helmet policy was introduced - that all of his rides were not and ""had never been"" NYCC rides, so he thereby excluded himself from the process, even though he used to regularly enter his rides on the ride submission program before the new policy was announced."

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
A fact remains a fact no matter how it is later characterized.

"As lawyers are wont to say, ""A bell once rung cannot be unrung.""

Just by declaring something wasn't so doesn't make it (not) so. (""I did not have sex with that woman.""- Wm. Jefferson Clinton.) You cannot wipe out history with a statement. You cannot deny what was by saying it wasn't, proof of which is people going on those rides thought they were going on club rides (and they were). When people tote up how many club rides they did this past year, are they now obliged to exclude the ones in question?


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