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While many of you clowns spent the day discussing hills, I spent mine actually riding one, and was rewarded with a sighting of a bald eagle. On 9W, on the hill a mile or 2 south of the Bear Mt. entrance, a bald eagle was perched atop a small tree, close to the road. It was really close to me and since I was crawling uphill I had plenty of time to look at it. It was upset about something--I hoped not me--doing that crow thing with the wings slightly spread and the neck stretched out, making some high-pitched noises. A while later on my way back I saw a couple of hard-core bird-watching johnnies parked at the entrance to Iona Island and asked them if I had really seen a bald eagle. They said the area around this stretch of the river was important to eagles, especially in January and February.

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Steve Baccarini (not verified)

Yes I too have seen these here on C.I..It was patriotic experience almost where I felt like getting off my bike and singing our national anthem. Also there are lots of hawks , vultures, lots of wild turkeys, rabbits and deer here.


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john grandits (not verified)
saw one yesterday on 9W too, very cool (nm)
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