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Using Delorme Racermate software I have created computrainer 3D courses for:

River Road - 8 miles
Haverstraw to top of Perkins - 12 miles
Whiteface Mountain race course - 8 miles
Central Park - 6.11 miles


Boathouse to Runcible in Nyack via 9W - 26 miles
Boathouse to Top of Perkins via 9w - 49 miles

Email me using address above if interested (I haven't tried them yet).


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Are you familiar with...

"Performance Central?

You do have to subscribe to see their courses or publish a new course."

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Robert Shay (not verified)

yes, I looked at this site before I purchased the Delorme software to make my own courses. The new york tri-state area has very interesting topographical profiles and I am particularly interested in creating and riding courses that I ride during the spring/summer/fall.


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