Holiday Party

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A BIG thank U to David for doing all the work which in turn made our party lots of fun !

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Andy (not verified)
Who was the band?

I was unable to attend but am curious as to who the band was (after all the fanfare). Glad to hear that a great time was had.

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Barbara (not verified)
I second that!

I second that!
Many thanks to David for another great event!
Your hard work is always greatly appreciated and last night's result was really a fun evening with good food, friends, & dance music!


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Davey (not verified)
The Band at the NYCC Holiday Party

"Andy, I had to pull some strings, but we managed to get the Beatles to come out of retirement (and back from the grave!) for this one show only.

If you're curious you can check out """"

That's ""Meet the Beats dot com""

I thought they were a lot of fun . . ."

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