Sat, 12/11 C Ride: Cold, or wet cancels, stay tuned

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  • Sat, 12/11 C Ride: Cold, or wet cancels, stay tuned
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"As noted, this ride will be canceled in case of inclement weather. Watch this space.

A fun ride through Queens and Brooklyn's industrial waterfront, with ""stops on request"" for yummy snacks. Cobblestone challenges in Red Hook. A lap around Prospect Park and, if the mood and the weather suit, a stop for coffee in a Williamsburg cafe before the final push back. Precipitation, wet ground, or temp below 35 at 8:30 cancel. Traffic signals observed."

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Josh (not verified)
meet up

When and where are you meeting? Sounds like an interesting ride, and the forecast looks good.

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Isaac (not verified)
Sat, 12/10 C Ride: Canceled

Sorry, it's a day after a significant snowstorm and the forcast is for cold and the right side of the road is expected to be quite wet/snowy/slushy, not the smartest thing for group riding. We'll need to do this another day.

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