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Sorry, I know this is the prennial topic, but...

While I have my own preferences for trainers, I wondered what the board's opinion is on the QUIETEST trainer. I have downstairs neighbors who are bothered by the vibration noise coming through the floor, and am considering what options I have.

So, ignoring performance aspects, what is the most neighborly and considerate machine?

Many thanks in advance.


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Robert Shay (not verified)
Just a thought...

Thinking back to my NYC apt, this is what I would try first.

Keep the trainer you prefer. Try creating a sound barrier between the trainer/bicycle and the floor:

Pick up some rug remnants and layer two under the trainer and two under the front wheel.

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David R (not verified)
yeah but...

This will deaden sound but also make your bike less stable, unless the legs go out nice and far, like on the CycleOps trainers.

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Joe (not verified)
Isolation / Vibration
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Robbin (not verified)
I have a brand new cycle ops mat. $45 (nm)
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