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As I was growing up, my family would drive by Rockerfeller Center every Xmas season (on our way to other places) to see the tree. Well, what would happen is we would *inch along in the congested traffic among horse carriages & cars and watch the throngs of people, only to catch a glimpse of the tree for maybe 5 seconds through the window. Jumping in and out of the subway is not so much fun either.

This got me thinking that getting a few friends on bikes to pedal around looking at lights and other holiday displays might be a much more fun. Anyone have good suggestions for places to see, or any particular avenues/routes/neighborhoods (for it's scenery or bike-ability) during this holiday season? I'd like to take some friends (not necessarily avid cyclists) around Manhattan.

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JP (not verified)

Every Holiday Season, I ride out to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. I think the 5BBC does a group ride there, mbut in the day???? Any how, for about 2-3 blocks, the neighbors in Dyker Heights go over the top decorating. I mean - robotic angels, ferris wheels, sleighs. I can only guess at the electric bills and where all the stuff is stored off-season.

Just look up Dyker Hgts, it has a site, and use the NYC bike map to plan a route. It's easy, about 20 miles r/t from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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John Z (not verified)
Some More

JP is quite right about Dyker Heights and should not be missed. Your idea for seeing lights and such in Manhattan is very good, just keep in mind that the traffic is going to affect you even by bike and at peak times the traffic around Rockefeller Center can be intimidating to cyclists. I also recommend Bloomingdales, Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue from around Grand Army Plaza down to 42nd Street. The rink and the open-air market in Bryant Park should not be missed and I think the best tree in the City is down at Bowling Green.

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hannah (not verified)
Lights in the Heights Ride

TIME'S UP! is offering two rides to see the lights deep in the heart of Brooklyn, on 12/18 and on Christmas Day! I'm co-leading the first offering. See for details. Highly recommended!


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