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"Hi, I am looking to buy a mtn bike for a friend as a gift, he's 6'3"". Would anyone who is the same/close height be able to offer what size mtn bike they have, or would ride? Thanks"

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Rob M (not verified)

"I'm 6'4"" and I ride a 62 cm road bike and a 61 cm cyclocross bike. I have never had a mtb but I dare say it needs to be a touch smaller than a 'cross bike.

There is probably a rule of thumb to go from a road bike to a mtb. I would say 58 cm would be the absolute min."

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Christian (not verified)

"No smaller than 21"".

- Christian"

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Kay (not verified)
mountain bike sizing

"I found the below here on how to correlate road bike sizing to mountain bike sizing. I can't speak at all as to how accurate it is, but it gave a very reasonable estimate for me.

""Subtract an additional 10cm and convert this measurement to inches to get your mountain bike frame size, roughly. Thus, if you fit a 56cm road bike (c-c), you will fit a 46cm - or an 18"" - mountain bike.""

(56 - 10)/2.54 = 18.11

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Christian (not verified)

Remarkably, that seems to work pretty well. Neat!

- Christian

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ITNOC (not verified)
Mtn bike for 6-3

"I'm 6'-3"" and while my road bike is a 62cm c-c my mountain bike is a 21.5"" - this measurement is to the top of the seat tube and not to the center of the top tube.

Good Luck"

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ed (not verified)

If you can get your hands on his pants ;-) measure the inseam as a rough guide. My 30 inch inseam yields at 52 +/- 1 cm road frame. Some people have disproportionately long or short legs, so simple height is not the best estimate.

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