Jim Babbitt

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Good night sweet prince, may flights of angels guide thee to your rest.

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Gary McGraime (not verified)
Jim, the killer bee

Those who have been NYCC members for a while, all know Jim Babbit who was always there when you needed him

Years back, I was sweeping the ENY century and helping a few ""bonking"" strays as daylight was beginning to dim when who drives up with food, water and good cheer: Jim.

He was the leader of the ""Killer B"" ride series, big and strong with a gentle heart.

Those who knew him, loved him.

Sleep tight Jim"

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Jim Babbitt

Jim was a mainstay of the B's in the early 90s.
He led the rides, drove us to the centuries, sagged ENY; he was all heart. In 1993 without much training, he finished Boston-Montreal-Boston, patching a flat in a horrendous downpour and making the 90 hour cut by a second or two (so the legend goes).

The NYCC and the World needs more people like Jim.

Rest in Peace.

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Peter Morales (not verified)

"I remember Jim and the ""Killer B"" ride series. He made the rides a lot of fun. He had a lite blue Cannondale and he taught me a lot about riding and having fun.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
A heartfelt plea that we support our buds in life rather than...

Surely, the smallest, most insignificant, most trivial act of kindness, comfort, caring, thoughtfulness, or cheer we can perform for someone in his life is infinitely greater than the greatest gesture we can perform in his name or encomium we offer him following his death.

Jim was a fine man and I am sorry to have learned of his death. I would have much preferred to learn of his illness that I could have visited him and possibly brought him a moment's diversion from his suffering and let him know of my esteem for him.

When one of us is injured in a bike accident, that is reported so we can visit him or send him get well wishes. Can this not also be done in a timely manner in the far more compelling circumstance of one of us who is gravely ill?

Lastly, did Jim have a family? If so, will you please write me a phone number or address where I can express my regard for him?

[email protected]

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Marty Wolf (not verified)
Jim Babbitt: Wake & Funeral Information

Wakes will be held as follows:

Wagner Funeral Home
55 Old Country Rd
Plainview, LI

Wed 12/7 3-5PM and 7-9PM
Thu 12/8 2-5PM and 7-9PM

Nearest LIRR stop is Bethpage

Funeral is on Friday 12/9 at 9:45AM
St. Killian Church
485 Conklin St
Farmingdale, LI

If driving, Conklin is a continuation of Hempstead Tpke
There is a Farmingdale stop on the LIRR.

Jim's wife is Maureen Babbitt
94 Morton Blvd
Plainview, NY 11803

Her phone is 516-938-0152 or 516-263-9671 (cell, I think)

Marty Wolf

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

I have met many NYCC heros along the way. Great people, great cyclists, great souls. None moreso than Jim Babbitt.

I remember many years ago wanting to lead a C ride. I had never led a C ride before and sought a co-leader. I stood before the membership of the Club at a monthly meeting and asked for a volunteer. The only requirement being that this volunteer had never led a C ride before. I thought it would be fun to share the experience. It was many years ago. Jim Babbitt raised his hand. Jim and I led a C ride that year. The next year, I wanted very much to lead a B ride. Again, I stood before the members at a club meeting and asked for a volunteer to co-lead a B ride with me. One again, the only requirement was that this volunteer had never led a B ride before. Jim Babbitt raised his had again. He and I led a B ride together that year. Then, the very next year, the first ride of what is now the A Classic SIG, there was Jim Babbitt, who had never ridden on A rides before. He and I rode the entire A SIG series together that year. And there he was, at the top of Bear Mountain, on Graduation Day, my hero.
I spoke with Jim during his illness and what do you know, he continued to be the hero he always was.
We will miss you, Jim Babbitt.

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Steven Britt (not verified)
Jim Babbitt (aka Sting)

"I have very fond memories of Jim. I remember showing up for my first ride with the NYCC, meeting Jim at the Statue of Civic Virtue in Queens. He proceeded to give me a tour of his infamous ""7 Hills"" on the North Shore of Long Island. He loved to ride, and even more, treasured that experience with others.

I recall his remedy for UBTLs (Ugly Biker Tan Lines). He'd lead a group out to Oyster Bay to grab fuel and refreshment and head either to the park or the beach outside of town. There he'd sit and relax and roll up jersey sleeves and shorts.

I also recall ending those Long Island rides with the faithful ""B"" riders in Queens and purchasing a beer for a celebritory toast. He was equally laid back whether on or off the bike.

Jim, you touched many and led by example. You taught me much about what a leader should be. I'll miss you in body but treasure the spirit that will always remain.

Peace be with you."

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
A Great Spirit

I remember Jim fondly from my earliest days as an NYCC member. In many ways, he was the template for the perfect ride leader: reliable, affable and knowledgable.

As a volunteer he was all those things and more. I remember him handing out food at Bear Mtn. at the very first ENY and several years later, when I chaired the organizing committee, he continued to step up, SAGing the route and providing much needed food and encouragement to the less experienced participants.

I'm sorry it took his passing to get him the recognition he deserved but at least he finally is getting that recognition. Those who knew him will miss him but his spririt and his example will continue to inspire us.

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Keith (not verified)

Jim was a wonderful guy. He will surely be missed by those who knew him.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Does anyone have pictures

I am compiling an obituary for Jim for the January edition of the bulletin, based on one, which somebody very kindly wrote, and including the memories people were kind enough to share with us on this message board.

Does anyone have any pictures of Jim and does anybody know his date of birth? If so, I would be happy to receive the same at this e-mail address. If you only have hard copy pictures, please e-mail me and I will contact you with a view to borrowing them and scanning them. We are right in the middle of the production cycle and I would need something by 7pm on Monday night.

Many thanks

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