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"The Bicycle Diaries: Is it possible to live in America without a car? Uh, sort of.

Here's an interesting little cycling article I ran across that others may enjoy reading."

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
The Bicycle Diaries

"The author writes:

""I'm what the newspapers call an 'avid' cyclist—rhymes with 'rabid.' I own four bikes, which I rarely use for actual transportation. Like most of the 90 million Americans who swung a leg over a bicycle last year, including our president, I rode for fitness and recreation only.""

Then he writes:

""That first Sunday, I hopped on a bike to go get the paper, just a couple miles down the rail-trail. I wore jeans, mistake No. 1: By the time I reached the Sunoco, I was profoundly chafed, and worse, my Banana Republic jeans now sported a black, greasy streak at about midcalf, from rubbing against the chain. It was chilly, and I was a tad hung over from a party the night before. By the time I got home, I had a raging tension headache, thanks to my hunched-over riding position.""

An avid cyclist, who has never cycled a couple of miles in ordinary clothes before. The first time he does, he gets a raging headache from his standard riding position, which is fine when he wears cycling clothes. He doesn't know enough to protect his pants from chain grease. He gets chafed (profoundly!), not in 50 miles, but in a couple.

There isn't much credibility here.


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af (not verified)
Amen! (nm)
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David Hallerman (not verified)
Credibility Or...

"You're right, Mordecai, in one sense...not much credibility there.

However, from another perspective, this guy is what most of the country (including himself) think of as an ""avid"" cyclist.

So it's not his credibility, perhaps, that's at question, but just the definition of avid.

So, then, where would that place us (aka, many members of the NYCC, including myself) on the avid/rabid scale?"

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George Arcarola (not verified)

David, to borrow from le Tour, I would put the members of the NYCC off the charts or 'HC'!!

By the way, I've ridden in street clothes on an old mountain bike and never felt any discomfort running errands (4-5 miles).

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
I bet he never rides...

And does not really consider himself an avid cyclist. Just another instance of Monkey Fishing.

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