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I'm coming back to NY for the holidays, and bring my beautiful bike with me. I wonder if any of you out there know of a safe way to get from nassau county (long beach, to be precise) into manhattan. I'd like to pedal as much as possible, but I'd be willing to take the LIRR for a portion of the trip if necessary. Thanks!

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Neile (not verified)
I have replied offline (nm)
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JP (not verified)
Long Beach

I do this ride a few times a year, only from Brooklyn and back. Also, my route starts/ends near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. If you want uptown, consider the 59th St. Bridge.

Basically, use the boardwalk in Long Beach and head west, then pick up Beech St W. to the Atlantic Bridge, go west through Rockaway (boardwalk and Beach Channel) to the Marine Park Bridge, take the bike path north to the Flatbush Ave cut off and then the bike path west passed Plumb Beach. Left on Emmons to Bedford, then Bedford to Prospect Park and the either Flatbush or side streets to one of the Bridges. You could just go up Flatbush – be careful and pay your med insurance.

There are little tricks here and there, so contact me if you like or to add to what Neile has told you.

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Ed (not verified)

What about simply going around the bike path by the Belt Pkwy. Then follow the roads by the Hudson through Bay Ridge?

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