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Week Nites M-Th, open schedule.

Come on and ride while the riding is good.

Meeting at 6:45pm at Columbus Circle Entrance
IN THE PARK at the Roadway.
3-5 laps B16-18. Depends how much we jabber. I'm no Lance, but then again who is. OH YEAH LANCE IS and he can't make it.

The idea is to ride and enjoy it amongst others who are tired of doing it alone.

I loved the Stressbusters in the warmer months, so if you were there come on back.

Please try to RSVP to my email or cell 718-644-7507

Rob Marcus

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Bob Shay (not verified)

I wouldn't be surprised to see Lance riding around today. Sheryl Crow is entertaining live at the tree lighting tonight.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

Like I said.. Everybody is welcome.

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Mike A. (not verified)


I enjoyed our ride so much that I actually re-injured my back (Should have waited a bit longer to heal)

So, after I complete another 3 weeks of physical therapy I plan on rejoining you......


Mike A.


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Rick Nelson (not verified)
Night rides

How long will you be riding Monday - Thursday nights? Just moved here from west coast and would love to join you all.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

The plan is to ride twice like a Monday/Wednesday or
Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Of course issues like rain
snow and lack od time play into it.

I have gotten a good response of well intentioned people, however 3 has been the magic number so far.
As long as I get one more than riding by myself, I am happy.

If the question was the length of time of each ride, that depends on speed. A good rule of thumb is we meet at 6:45, strtch, wait to group up and ride by 7:00 - finish about 8:15-8:45. Truth is that when it's fun, I never look at my watch.

I plan to ride tonite, let me know

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Rob Marcus (not verified)
We ride Thursday 12-1 6:45PM

See thread for location.

I have a Red Lemond, Beard (me not bike) and I guess Blue Jersey.

RSVP Please Incase, I can't make it.

Cell if needed 718-644-7507

Rob Marcus

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