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If you've got the right kind of bike, please join us for our fixed bent tandem ride detailed below. If all you've got is a regular old single seated geared bike, you're welcome to come check out the beautiful bikes, but you're not allowed to ride with us! We'll be leaving from the Jersey side of the GWB at 10am on Sunday.

I'll be leading on a tandem with Rich Conroy, and Neile Weissman will be sweeping on his recumbent.

B17 40 miles 10:00 AM
fixed bent tandem - freaky ride!

Leaders: Kay Gunn, [email protected], 646-491-0859; Neile Weissman, soupstone*at*mindspring*dot*com
From: George Washington Bridge, NJ side bike path entrance
Show up with your beloved fixed gear, singlespeed, tandem, recumbent, tricycle, unicycle, or any other human powered wheeled machine - except a regular old geared bike! We'll take a mostly flat route to Nyack, where we'll stop at the Runcible for snacks.
Snow, ice, or heavy rain will cancel. Light rain or cold weather won't. Please check the message board if in doubt.

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
The right kind of bike

This oughta qualify, eh? Of course, I need to spin at 95 rpm to go 17 mph. I wonder if I can go faster than the recumbents uphill? I couldn't keep up with a tandem, even if it only had a single rider!

I just brought it home from the shop today:

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Neile (not verified)
Stunning (as usual)

"""I wonder if I can go faster than the recumbents uphill?""

We'll find out. Mine weighs 34 lbs. Hills should be ... interesting.

FYI, I had the 'bent up to 28 mph on the flats -- in my dreams.


PS> Is that an Action Tec fork? Very cool."

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
The right kind of bike - you bet!

I see only 1 gear on that little beauty. You are warmly invited to join our ride.

Just to clarify further - no electric bikes, no mountain bikes or hybrids (unless they are singlespeed or fixed).

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Steve (not verified)
Charger Bike

I have a Charger electric assist bike. Is that allowed?


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Neile (not verified)
Sorry. No.

"To be clear, let's amend the description to:

""Show up with ... any other *solely* human powered wheeled machine."""

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Neile (not verified)
Cheap single speed conversion

"For those thinking ""Why oh why don't I have a freaky bike?"" -- here's a cheap solution:

$17.99 - Single Speed Chain Guide, Forged and CNC'd Aluminum Alloy. Spring loaded. Tighten' up, oh ho ah, tighten' up. Make your multi-speeder go single with this spring loaded derailleur replacement.

NYC Bikes is just over the Williamsburg Bridge.

Purchase. Install on your beater (or have you local bike shop do it.) Select an appropriate gear. Disconnect front derailleur.

Be forewarned, Kay and I will carefully inspect the gear.

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Rich (not verified)
Iris isn't freaky

So says my daughter.

But she weighs about 35 lbs (Iris, not my daughter). She can do 28 mph on the flats -- for real, not in my dreams. But she'll limit herself to 17 or so this Sunday. Who is this mysterious Iris, you ask. Come to the fixed bent tandem ride, & you'll find out.


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Neile (not verified)
I think I'll try to hang on to your tail at the end

"""Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp. Or what's a heaven for?""
- Robert Browning"

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