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If there was ever a town where we could use a well-stocked bike store, Nyack is it--and Toga plans to fill the void. In February 2006, Toga will open a store in Nyack. By the looks of it, it's going to be a whopper, capable of competing with Piermont Cycles. Go to their website for details...


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SHL (not verified)
Actually it is in Upper Nyack

About a mile (uphill) from the Spoon. My understanding is that it will serve as a warehouse/bike assembly station for stuff that will be shipped into the city. 9W up there is not exactly retail heaven. The best shop north of the city is still Nyack Bicycle Outfitters on N. B'wy one block up from the Spoon. Not the greatest selection, but the attitude, ambience, and service is unbeatable.

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Zoetemelk (not verified)
Not to hijack the thread but I kinda like Piemont Bike

"I was in there the other day and noticed the $7000 Cannondale Lampre Edition with SRM Power meter built in. An the Owner (or manager) I think just comes over and asks if I want to take it out for a test drive? I say ""are you serious?"" he says ""sure"" He even asked me what pedals system I used.

That's cool in my book. Just my 2 cents....


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chicka (not verified)

the bad attitude moves north

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