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I am planning a trip to Italy next year and considering to ride a vintage century like L'EROICA"", which is mainly on gravel road.
Has anyone ridden it ?"

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John Z (not verified)

What a route! Similar to one in Mass/Vermont psoted here over the summer, which several of us rode.

I love dirt road riding. Hank Schiffman and I rode about 30 miles of mostly dirt roads in Putnam County yesterday. Dirt roads tend to have much less traffic than paved roads, and the lack of paving keeps motor vehicle speeds low -- bikes too!

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)

"Jacob, if you e-mail me, I can put you in contact with someone who has done this ride for the past two years, and plans to go again next year. He did it this year as part of a trip with Due Cani Tours. Here's one of the pictures he took.

Are you thinking of riding a vintage or modern bike?

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jacob (not verified)

I do not really own a vintage bike, the oldest I have is an early 80s and I am unsure if it would be fit enough for this race.
I look forward to get in contact with other people who have done or will be doing it.
I will arrange the trip on my own (I am Italian). Thanks for the tour company info anyway.

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